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Summary of what we offer

The websites we design are designed in accordance with the search engines.


Want an online store? 


What advantages does our team offer when creating an online store?

We will detail all the advantages and capabilities offered by our team

• Supporting multiple languages for the store automatically

You can target more than one market in several languages, and all pages of your site are translated automatically without the need to translate every word you type.


Support multiple currencies for the store

The currency of the customer's country will appear automatically. This will facilitate the customer's decision to buy. It also gives a good impression to the store when supporting the currency of the target country.


Support all payment methods available worldwide

As we mentioned earlier, we will make it easier for you to spread to all countries of the world by supporting currencies, supporting languages, and also supporting local payment methods for other countries.

Some of these portals are:

 Payment gateway support Knet "Kuwait

 Payment gateway support Apple Pay "worldwide"

Payment gateway support Google Pay "worldwide"

 Payment gateway support Phys 11a "worldwide"

Payment gateway support Master Card "worldwide"

Payment gateway support American Express "worldwide"

 Payment gateway support PayPal "worldwide"

 Payment gateway support Stripe "worldwide"

 Payment gateway support Bezel "Saudi Arabia"

Payment gateway support Pay "Saudi Arabia

Payment gateway support feature "Egypt"

Payment gateway support naps "Qatar"

Portal support Pay the city "The UAE"

Payment gateway support Benefit "the two seas" 

Payment gateway support Amman Net "Oman"


• Domain "domain" for free www.*****.com

You will get a free domain for subscribing to us, such as:

Multiple emails for free info@*****.com

You will get multiple emails with your domain name for free, such as:


• Link with Google Search Console

Your store will appear in search engines, and when anyone searches for a site name in Google or a product name within the site, your site will appear to them for free, and your sales will increase without advertising fees.


• SEO search engine optimization

Our site will help you to lead the search results, so that your site appears in the first result in the search


• Linking to Google Maps (Google Business)

We will prepare a business profile for you in Google Maps to appear when searching for your store


• Linking to Google Ads

We will set up a Google Ads account and activate conversions to run sales campaigns in Google


• Linking to Google Merchant Center

When you search Google for a specific product, it will show you the products with their prices at the top of the page … This service is provided by Google, and we will prepare it for you


• Linking to Google tag manager

We will link your site with the Google Al-Jabari tool, which will dispense with programmers to add custom codes to your site


• Linking to Google Analytics

We will link your site with Google Analytics to track the behavior of visitors, their types of devices, and the source of their access to your site


• Connect Snape Pixel

To track conversions and sales and target shoppers more precisely


• Link Facebook Pixel

To track conversions and sales and target shoppers more precisely


• Link Twitter Pixel

To track conversions and sales and target shoppers more precisely


• Connect Tik Tok Pixel

To track conversions and sales and target shoppers more precisely


• Tax support

When you target other geographical areas, you will face the issue of taxes in these countries... We will prepare taxes for each country


• Support shipping companies

We support all available shipping companies to ship your goods professionally


• 100% compatibility with search engines

• 100% compatibility with accessibility

• 100% compliance with best practices

• 95%+ compatibility with performance

(The only ones in the Arab world who provide this percentage of compatibility) And because of these high percentages, you will have priority in leading the search results


These are the basic advantages that we offer. There are other advantages related to the design and system of building the site, which will also be mentioned below

• Add to cart floating

When the customer goes down to the bottom of the page to read the description or customer reviews, the Add to Cart button will appear for him to make it easier for him to purchase


• Free shipping notice

When adding a product to the basket, a notification will appear to the customer that if he adds products worth 20 dinars, for example, he will get free shipping


• Direct and fast search

When searching for a specific product on the site, product suggestions will appear immediately without pressing the search button


• Countdown to discounts

The countdown will make the customer buy the product as soon as possible


• Add a quick product when paying

When going to the tambourine, you can place a product to be suggested by the site to the customer, and it is added to the basket to increase the value of the basket


• View product images in different ways

You can display product images in more than one way that serves your needs

For example, you can put thumbnails of the product above or next to the main image, or you can make the pages display all the images on a large screen without the dragging method

“Click here to view.”


• Play the product video

We can put a video of the product and it plays automatically when you go to it

“Click here to view.”


• Browse products endlessly

When you enter a specific category in the store, for example, men's clothing, and there are too many products, most stores have these categories numbered as 1 2 3 4 5

However, with us, the customer can browse all products without refreshing the page

“Click here to view.”


• Changing the form of product options

When there are options for the product, such as the option to select the color, you can make the option in the form of the product image of the same color


• Change pictures by color

When the product has a specific option, for example, the option of the color of the product

When choosing the red color, for example, it will display only images of red products, meaning that it will not display images of other colors until this color is chosen


Stock counter

A bar to display the number of remaining stocks, which increases the possibility of purchasing the product before the stock runs out


• Waiting list

When there is an out-of-stock product, the customer can click on Add to Wait List. Once the product is available, he will receive an e-mail informing him of the availability of the product.


• Wishlist

The customer can add certain products to the wish list and return to them at a later time


• Product badge / new / best selling

You can set a “small writing at the top of the page” tag that this product is new, best-selling, summer collection, etc…